Excagol Medtech


Our History: Five engineers graduated in Germany founded Excagol Medtech with the vision to develop an automatic venipuncture solution to improve the ability to puncture challenging veins in busy healthcare centers to save valuable time and to prevent patient’s suffering

Our Vision: To become the healthcare center’s next generation solution for various venipuncture purposes for both patients with difficult-to-reach veins and nurses with different professional experience

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Thanks to Hamburg Startups and to the author Mathias Jäger for publishing the following article about Excagol trifft jede Vene Excagol trifft jede Vene Gibt es gute und schlechte Venen? …

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Thanks to Healthcare Startups Deutschland for publishing the following article about Excagol https://healthcare-startups.de/location/exagol/ Excagol Da die intravenöse Venenpunktion oft zu Komplikationen führt, möchte Excagol ein mobiles und automatisiertes Venenpunktionsgerät herstellen, …

Academic Paper

A Bachelor Thesis was successfully performed at Excagol Medtech in cooperation with the mechanical engineering faculty at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg – Germany


Excagol is recruiting Designer & Mechanical Engineers, Hardware & Software Engineers