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Excagol medtech is developing an automated venipuncture device that will take on the most common invasive activity in healthcare centers: EVA, the electronic venipuncture apparatus. Medical personnel can perform punctures efficiently, safely and stress-free with EVA, the mobile computer-controlled system. Vascular structures are made visible by ultrasonic waves. An image processing algorithm recognizes vessels and recommends a suitable target for puncture. After the operator’s confirmation, the needle is automatically steered and precisely puncture the target.

Excagol’s Vision is to become the healthcare industry’s next-generation solution for various puncture purposes for both patients with difficult-to-reach veins and medical personnel with different professional experience.

Latest News

Cooperation with medical experts

Collaboration with Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Lars Müller and Mr. Saher Tatour – Newsletter sixth release – As a company dedicated to developing innovative technologies to optimise vein punctures, we are …

Milestone: Image Processing Analysis

The R&D team at excagol just achieved a new development stage of image processing analysis which has been successfully tested. Further product development in the process 🚀

excagol medtech introduces itself as a new Life Science Nord member

Thanks to Life Science Nord for publishing the following article about excagol: https://lifesciencenord.de/de/news/detail/excagol-medtech-stellt-sich-vor.html Life Science Nord begrüßt das Medtech-Start-up herzlich als neues Mitglied im Förderverein! Die excagol medtech ist ein Hamburger Start-up, …