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Excagol medtech is at the forefront of developing an automated venipuncture device that revolutionizes invasive procedures in healthcare centers. Introducing EVA: the Electronic Venipuncture Apparatus, medical personnel can now perform punctures efficiently, safely, and stress-free. EVA is a state-of-the-art mobile computer-controlled system that utilizes ultrasonic waves to make vascular structures visible. An advanced image processing algorithm accurately recognizes vessels and recommends a suitable target for puncture. Upon operator confirmation, the needle is automatically guided with precision to puncture the target.

Excagol’s Vision is to become the healthcare industry’s next-generation solution for various puncture purposes, catering to patients with difficult-to-reach veins and medical personnel with varying levels of experience.

As an integral part of our system, we proudly introduce Proxinnovate. Proxinnovate is a comprehensive service that integrates with EVA, augmenting its capabilities and maximizing efficiency. It enhances the performance of the EVA system, providing advanced features and functionalities to optimize the venipuncture process.

With our innovative solutions and Proxinnovate’s benifits, excagol medtech is dedicated to transforming the landscape of invasive procedures, delivering superior results for both patients and medical professionals.

Latest News

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