Electronic Venipuncture Automate Results: Innovative Solution for Venipuncture

June 2023 – We are thrilled to share the successful outcomes of the recent in-vitro testing of our automated venipuncture apparatus. These tests were conducted on a medical phantom model with simulated veins to verify the functionality and process accuracy of our development.

During the experiments, a successful venipuncture was defined as the catheter being filled with synthetic blood and the needle tip being clearly visible within the vein on the ultrasound image.

We conducted a total of 70 attempts on simulated blood vessels, varying in vein diameter and depth. Different needle lengths and puncture angles were also examined. Out of these attempts, 66 were successful, resulting in the successful extraction of synthetic blood. This impressive success rate of 94.3% confirms the feasibility of our system.

Ultrasound Image of a Successful Venipuncture

In comparison, traditional venipuncture techniques typically achieve a success rate of 75%, which can drop as low as 50% in cases of challenging vein conditions. Our innovative solution significantly outperforms these traditional methods, providing healthcare professionals with a highly accurate and efficient alternative.
Furthermore, the average process duration for our system was only 1-2 minutes, ensuring a streamlined workflow and minimizing patient discomfort.

We are excited to continue optimizing our technology and bringing it closer to real-world implementation.