Successful Collaboration with Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

November 2023 – We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the scientific study in collaboration with theĀ Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production Management.

At the heart of our research is the development of EVA: the Electronic Venipuncture Apparatus. excagol medtech is pioneering this venipuncture system that autonomously identifies and punctures blood vessels. EVA is designed to significantly enhance the success rate of venipuncture, especially for veins that are challenging to locate. The focus of our joint study was on the further development and verification of the semi-automated system.

Key Research Insights:

– We conducted a total of 70 trials on simulated blood vessels of medical training phantoms with varying diameters and depths.
– Different needle lengths and puncture angles were explored.
– An impressive 94.3% success rate was achieved, marking a significant improvement over the traditional venipuncture success rate of 75% which drops to 50% for challenging veins.
– The average process duration was between 1-2 minutes.

We are optimistic about the future and eagerly anticipate further collaborations with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Together, we continue our mission to revolutionize medical procedures, ensuring better patient care and setting new standards in healthcare innovation.

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