excagol joins AI Startups Hub Accelerator Program in Hamburg!

May 2023 – We are thrilled to announce that excagol medtech has been selected to participate in the prestigious AI Startups Hub Accelerator Program in Hamburg! This incredible opportunity sets the stage for our success in revolutionizing the field of healthcare with our automated venipuncture apparatus.

excagol Team at the pitch event

As part of the program, excagol medtech gains access to a range of benefits that will drive our growth:

💼 Investor Opportunities: Our participation in the AI Startups Hub Accelerator Program provides us with exposure to potential investors who are passionate about supporting groundbreaking startups. Their support and financial backing will fuel our mission to transform venipuncture procedures and enhance patient care.

🌟 Expert Mentorship: Through the program, we have access to a network of seasoned mentors who are leaders in the AI and healthcare industries. Their guidance and insights, led by Uve, will help us refine our product, ensuring it delivers exceptional value and addresses the needs of healthcare professionals and clinics.

🤝 Collaborative Community: Being part of the AI Startups Hub Accelerator Program places us in a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs, doctors, and potential partners. We’re excited about the opportunity to forge strategic alliances, exchange ideas, and collaborate with industry experts to advance our mission.

🚀 Go-to-Market Strategy: The program equips us with valuable resources and multi-channel marketing opportunities. This will enable us to effectively reach potential customers, such as clinics and hospitals, and drive the adoption of our automated venipuncture apparatus in the healthcare industry.

🌍 International Scale-Up: With the AI Startups Hub Accelerator Program’s support, excagol medtech will have the opportunity to expand our reach beyond borders. This international focus allows us to enter new markets, forge global partnerships, and make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Stay tuned for updates as we progress through the AI Startups Hub Accelerator Program. Together, let’s revolutionize healthcare and drive meaningful change in the industry!

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