Cooperation with medical experts

March 2023 – Collaboration with Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Lars Müller and Mr. Saher Tatour – Newsletter sixth release

As a company dedicated to developing innovative technologies to optimise vein punctures, we are committed to providing the best possible solution. Cooperation with experts in the medical field enables us to develop and improve high-quality solutions based on sound medical expertise. That is why excagol medtech has been cooperating with the renowned phlebologist PD Dr Lars Müller, among others, since 2022.

Dr. med. Lars Müller

After completing his medical studies and doctorate in Göttingen in 1999, Dr. Müller began his specialist training at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf and received his specialist certification in surgery in 2005. One year later, he moved to the University Hospital in Kiel, where he worked for several years as a specialist and later as a senior physician. In addition, he received his second specialist certification in visceral surgery and subsequently worked as a practising surgeon with a main focus on vein surgery.

Since 2019, Dr Müller has been working at the Dermatologikum Hamburg, which is one of the largest centres for endovascular vein treatment in Europe. He has been head of its vascular department since 2020, where he focuses on arterial and venous vascular diagnostics with duplex sonography (ultrasound) and endovascular thermal therapy for varicose veins. He is scientifically active in this field, among other things, through study activities and publications. In addition to the diagnosis and therapy of vascular diseases, especially varicose veins, his study interests also include the development of minimally invasive treatment methods and the application of laser technology in vascular surgery. Other topics include interdisciplinary cooperation between dermatology and vascular surgery.

Likewise, excagol medtech is supported by Saher Tatour, an experienced nurse with leadership experience who excels in medical expertise and critical questioning. With the combination of medical training and his empathy for patients, he is an important support for excagol medtech in communicating the needs of patients and medical staff. His technical know-how in dealing with medical devices is also an asset in advising the company on issues related to the development of usable and intuitive products. The excagol medtech team would like to thank Dr. Müller and Mr. Tatour for their support so far and is looking forward to further successful and productive cooperation.

RN Mr. Saher Tatour

Currently, the company is working on the establishment of a medical board in order to identify further product requirements and make decisions regarding the venipuncture device together with various experts. If your interest in cooperation has been aroused, we would be very pleased to receive your enquiry!

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